About Us

The Greater 69th Street Wildcats Athletic Association is a non-profit organization that has been serving its community and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We are dedicated to providing the youth with an opportunity to develop sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, and leadership skills through participation in football and cheerleading.

The Greater 69th Street Wildcats organization prides itself on providing a quality youth athletic program. The program is designed to teach children how to compete in athletics at a young age on a high level. In the Wildcats organization, we are not only interested in building athletic skills; but also the entire person.

Through practice and game situations, we are trying to, build character, develop leadership and encourage mental toughness. We also like to relate life with the principles of football, such as teamwork and being able to work with others and follow positive leadership among your peers. We teach the principle of working hard, and not to take short cuts in life. Developing some since of how to work and what work means, having a work ethic.

Lastly, we try to promote and teach these children how to have a winning attitude in the midst of adversity past or present. It has been proven that participating in sports heightens self-esteem in youth.

The Greater 69th Street Wildcats Athletic Teams and Rules


FOOTBALL TEAMS – We play in a weighted league. If a child is of age and does not weigh at or under the maximum weight listed by his or her age – they will not be able to play in any games. They can, at the leisure of the next weights head coach, be moved up to the next weight division. Each head coach of the next weight division has a right to give a try out to the player. If the head coach feels as though the player is not ready for the next weight division, the child would continue the season playing with his/her age group – on the practice squad – to learn the game of football – without being eligible to play in any official game until they met the weight standard for that weeks competition. Children that remain too heavy to make weight for a game and are not ready for the higher weight division – still receive a trophy and the additional perks the team gets once the season ends.

Practice and games are played in the heat, rain, sleet, snow and ice. We never play in Thunder and Lightning.


   5&6 Year Olds – Flag Football
   7&8 Year Olds – 80lb Football Weight Division
 9&10 Year Olds – 105lb Football Weight Division
11&13 Year Olds – 130lb Football Weight Division
12-14 Year Olds – Unlimited Football Weight Division

NOTE: We have an older lighter rule and a “year older” rule that applies to all children returning or new. Please speak to the registration committee for an explanation. The only rule that applies to Cheerleaders is the “year older” rule. Our “year older” cut off date is July 1st.

CHEERLEADING SQUADS – We are looking to recruit and retain 100 cheerleaders this year. The Cheerleaders have the same metrics as the football players. They Cheer in the heat, rain, sleet, snow and ice whenever the boys play. Cheerleading is not a weighted sport.

5&6 Year Old Cheerleaders
7&8 Year Old Cheerleaders
9&10 Year Old Cheerleaders
11&12 Year Old Cheerleaders


7th -8th Grade Unlimited Team * There will be no 7-8th Grade Unlimited Team for the 2017 season.
1) There will be no weight limit placed on players
2) Players may not turn 15 years of age prior to December 1 of the calendar year of the football season to be eligible to play on the Unlimited Team.
3) Players can NOT be in a grade higher than the 8th grade. Players will have to show proof of their grade. (last recent report card).
4) The minimum age for the Unlimited Team is 12 years of age.
5) Age must be reached Prior to July l of the Playing year.